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Recon: The cashless payment solution that breaks down barriers

In today's society, customers and merchants alike face new challenges. Withdrawal limits make it difficult
for people to access their own money, and many businesses still don't accept cashless payments due
to high charges and other complexities. Recon is the answer. We provide safe and convenient
contactless payment options for everyone, with no limitations.

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Our Recon Story

On the verge of embracing a cashless society today, new hitches have been welcomed by both customers and merchants, making the reality of going cashless a facade.

People have a limit of cash they can withdraw per time. This has begged for a resolve- how can transactions be made safely without cash while providing zero limitations on convenience?


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Pay your bills and accept payment with ease.

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Agency Bankers

Use your smartphone as a mobile terminal
to help others make payments swiftly quickly.

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Enjoy an easy way for customers to
make payment for your services and goods.

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